Mixed reality project in development, in collaboration with Clipa Theatre 

Projections of a dystopian environment full of giant rocks are scattered throughout the space. Voices of emptiness and wind.

In turns, one viewer / user can dive into the environment with a VR headset. There, the mission is to collect scattered virtual stones and pile them together as high as possible.


We make XR experiences, games and art

Studio Katta.Kitta.XR, led by Romy Arden XR developer and creator. We innovate by blending tech, code and art, all while prioritizing an exceptional user experience. Our collaborative ventures span entrepreneurs, startups, and production companies, where together we bring to life, from idea to a working technology, captivating immersive games and interactive experiences.

Among our clients: AVR Immersive Solutions, Neoja startup by Aroma, Juno Media, Pele Festival, Ambientech, Collabo Tel Aviv, Radical Book Publishing, Nightlight Festival, White Night, Zohar Dromi Festival, FilmMaker Festival, Clipa Theater, City of Museums Calgary .


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