We make XR experiences, games and art

Studio Katta.Kitta.XR, led by Romy Arden XR developer and creator. We innovate by blending tech, code and art, all while prioritizing an exceptional user experience. Our collaborative ventures span entrepreneurs, startups, and production companies, where together we bring to life, from idea to a working technology, captivating immersive games and interactive experiences.

Among our clients: AVR Immersive Solutions, Neoja startup by Aroma, Juno Media, Pele Festival, Ambientech, Collabo Tel Aviv, Radical Book Publishing, Nightlight Festival, White Night, Zohar Dromi Festival, FilmMaker Festival, Clipa Theater, City of Museums Calgary .


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Viratual Reality

Environment and character integration with AR51 system for real time body tracking with in a multiplayer experience in VR







For AVR Immersive solutions


Immersive Spaces

Kinetic installation project 
In collaboration with Shai Ziv and Yasha Rozov

In development


Immersive Spaces

Interactive projections of moving particles and stars

Three domes at the Southern Lights Festival of Beér Sheva

Neoja Basket Court

Immersive Spaces

Interactive basketball court manager with Unity + TouchDesigner + Fmod. Real time responsive projections and 3D sound.

For Neoja startup and Juno Media productions

Tech specs:
+6 projectors
+ 1 led wall
+ 8 directional sppeakers
+ responsive led lights on basket and floor

Coded Botanic

VJ + Mapping

Night Light festival main floor video mapping. Made with TouchDesigner and Processing framework.

In collaboration with Hagar Shapira
Changing sizes, 2020

Trust The Meta


Real-time animation + Mocap for an academic- commercial project realized for AVR Immersive Solutions.


Unreal Engine animation and real time tools + Ready Player Me + Machinima Audio2Gesture + Mixamo integration.


This project aimed for students interactive VR learning experiences, examines who players trust the most. One series examines 360 videos of real people credibility against videos with the actors’ stylized avatars moving in the same virtual scene. The second series presents and examines credibility of a verity of minorities, all stylized avatars, selected after a thorough research.  

Snowy Mountains


Environment building in Unity. 


Viratual Reality

VR game + projection mapping.

In development, in collaboration with Clipa Theatre


Projections of dystopian environment filled with giant rocks, are scattered throughout the theater space. Voices of emptiness and wind. In rounds, a viewer can is to enter and assimilate into the environment by wearing virtual reality glasses, inside the task is to collect scattered stones and pile them high.

The Galaxy Is Here

3 interactive dome projections 

Southern Lights festival, Be’er Sheva, 2017

The Galaxy Is Here

3 interactive dome projections 

Southern Lights festival, Be’er Sheva, 2017